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Renovation 10/10/2008

Today, I put in some flooring in the master bedroom and Debby did some painting.  Here are some pics.  The flooring pics are first, followed by the painting pics, followed by some random house photos.  Still have a long ways to go with the renvoations, but we’re making progress!


Debby &Vin vin 13 Oct 2008 No Comments

Couple Party Pics and another new video!

Deb threw me a really fun Hawaiian theme 30th Birthday Party on Feb 15.  We didn’t get too many pics, but here are some nice shots of the living room setup and another of James, Mickey, Will and I:

Vin 30th B-day Party

Also, here is another video of will on is playmat having fun!

Vin &Will vin 21 Feb 2008 No Comments

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