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Cute Close-ups

Here are some cute close-ups of Baby Will:

Will 10/26 #67

Will 10/26 #65Will 10/26 #66Will 10/26 #68

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Guardian Bear

Here is a cute picture of Bear watching over his little brother.


Guardian Bear

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Henry Cowell

For Bill’s 68th Birthday, we all went to Henry Cowell State Park in the Santa Cruz mountains followed by dinner at the Tyrolean Inn (a great German Place) in Ben Lomond.  Here are some pictures from the day:

Will 10/26 #56Will 10/26 #57

Will 10/26 #55Will 10/26 #58Will 10/26 #59Will 10/26 #60Will 10/26 Bill Bday #1Will 10/26 Bill Bday #2

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Grandparents Dowdney

Today, Will got a visit from his grandparents on Deb’s side. Bill and Donna drove down the west coast from Bainbridge Island, WA to visit us in San Jose and see their grandson. It was a great visit and Bill, Donna and Will interacted wonderfully. Will received a very nice book entitled, “On the Day you were Born” by Debra Frasier. We all went to a nice Mexican dinner at Aqui. Here are a couple pictures from the visit:

Will 10/2007 #53Will 10/2007 #54Will 10/2007 #51

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Lounge Lizard

Baby Will loves to sleep like he’s relaxing at the beach. He puts his arms behind his head and crosses his legs and just sleeps peacefully. At other times, he fusses and throws his arms and legs around, usually when he’s tired, hungry, gassy or has a dirty diaper (the primary functions of a baby). We have created a couple nicknames for Will when he fusses. One is “The Wildebeest“. The other is “Godzooky“, the nephew of Godzilla. Even when he fusses, he’s still really cute. Here are couple pics of a more peaceful Will…

Will 10/2007 #48

Will 10/2007 #44

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