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Today, we took Will to the climbing gym!  Deb and Will hung out at a picnic table outside while Robert and I did some bouldering.  We were able to feed and change him at the table with no problems, which was a big relief for us.  Afterwards, we took Will to the Rock Bottom Brewery for some lunch, where he also was really well behaved.  He just slept at the table while people ate and talked around him…

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Our Little Lion

Will 10/2007 #47

Little fingers and toes, a sweet tiny nose

Eyes big as dark blue moons, I swoon

Over my boy


Little mouth and faint eyelashes

Cheeks as red, round and sweet as apple pie

I shed a tear and release a heavy-sigh

For my boy


Sweet perfection down to an art

The steady beat of a strong lion’s heart


Gentle breathing, rise and fall

A tiny chest houses a small, but vital core

Oh how we love and adore

Our little lion

Will deb 21 Oct 2007 2 Comments

Will Update 10/16/2007

Will’s been doing great the last couple of days. He’s eating well and sleeping soundly. We’ve been taking him on walks around the block and in the park. Tomorrow is his pediatrician appointment where we’ll find out how much he weighs.

Today, I bought a video camcorder so that we could get some better video footage of Will. I got the Panasonic SDR-H200. It should arrive in a week or so, at which point I’ll start posting more video.

Here are some of the latest pictures of Will. The blue blanket in the last 2 pictures was a handmade gift from Neal and Maya.

Will 10/2007 #38Will 10/2007 #41Will 10/2007 #42Will 10/2007 #40Will 10/2007 #39

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Pumpkin Patch

Today, we took Will out to a pumpkin patch to get his first pumpkin.  He looked really cute next to all of the pumpkins, most of which were bigger than him…

Deb and I also got a nice break to go on a walk together at Quicksilver County Park and have a nice dinner at Brittania Arms while Dave and Krista babysat for Will.

Pics from the day:


Will 10/2007 #31Will 10/2007 #30Will 10/2007 #32Will 10/2007 #29Will 10/2007 #33Will 10/2007 #34Will 10/2007 #35Will 10/2007 #37

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A typical day for Will

We had another fun day of feeding, changing, sleeping and hangin’ out with Will. He keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Here is somre more video:

Here are some pics:


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