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Will and Dad

Here are a couple pictures of that Debby took of Will and I. I really like them.

I love the third picture of Will with his fist in the air proclaiming victory!

Will and Dad – Nov 2007

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Christmas Tree!

Today, the family all went over 17 to Santa Cruz and went for a nice walk along West Cliff to watch the ocean and surfers. Debby walked with Will in the Baby Bjorn, and I took Bear on his leash. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed a really nice walk. The tide was extremely low and we could see much more kelp and seaweed exposed on the ocean floor than we were used to. The surf still seemed pretty decent and there were many surfers in the water.

On our way back from Santa Cruz, we took a detour on Summit Road off of 17 to go to a Christmas Tree farm. It was the first Christmas tree farm I’ve been too, and it was absolutely beautiful. We walked will up and down the rows of trees until we found our perfect tree to take home with us. Here are some pictures from our adventures…

Christmas Tree – Nov 2007

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Inside a Fall Wreath…

Debby had a creative idea on a photo shoot for Will. The lighting was very good outside and she came up with the idea to take some pictures of Will inside our giant Fall wreath on top of the blue blanket given to us by Neal and Maya. They came out really well:

Will – Wreath – Nov 2007

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It has been quite time consuming to individually resize, edit and upload photos to the blog. Luckily, I’ve discovered Picasa! Picasa is google’s photo management application, and I really like it! It’s making my life much easier with regards to managing pictures. Instead of doing them one at a time, I can just upload a folder to Picasa using their easy-to-use application and link to the album. For example, to check out our November photos, just click here:


Will – Nov 2007

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Chawla Grandparents Visit!

Baby Will got to meet his Dad’s parents last week. He got lots of love and attention from his grandparents, who fell in love with him right away. Here are some pictures from the visit:

Chawla Grandparents – Nov 2007

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