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Wobble Block!

Here is a video of Will playing with a “wobble block” that was made for him by his maternal grandmother, Donna!

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New Video of Will 12/30

We just put up a cute new video of Will playing on his mat. Check it out:

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Will’s First Christmas!

Today, Will celebrated his first Christmas! We had a great time at our house in San Jose. In attendance were Bill, Donna, Camille, Debby, Will, Bear and myself. We also had a great time chatting over Skype with our family in New Jersey. In attendance on Skype were Neal, Maya, Raj, Ravi, Basant, Monica, Vasu and Anita. Debby started a nice tradition which involves memorizing a poem on special occasions and reciting it. The idea is to get Willz to learn to read and understand quicker and appreciate fine works of literature and writing. Before opening presents, Bill read an excerpt of the Nativity storey, which was very nice on Christmas. Then, we had a great time opening presents (see picutres below), where Debby did a wonderful job playing Santa. Afterwards, we had a large dinner, which included turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean caserole and cranberry sauce. Finally, we had some tasty pumpkin pie and chocolate pudding pie. Now, without further ado, here are the pictures!

Christmas 2007

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New Pictures Added 12/21

More new pictures added to the December 2007 album on 12/21… Will is now starting to smile and we caught some good pictures of him in a happy mood!

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New Pictures Added 12/9

I’ve just added some new pictures to the album posted on 12/7.

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