This weekend, we went up to Truckee (North Lake Tahoe) to stay at a the Coppin Cabin (courtesy of Mike Coppin, Dave’s friend from college and groomsman). The cabin was awesome and we had an amazing time.

On Thursday, I went snowboarding at Northstar while Debby took care of Will. It was incredible. I had forgotten how much I loved to snowboard. Especially when there is tons of snow and no crowds. It’s such a great feeling to be in the middle of the trees surrounded by fresh powder, picking out a line and making your own tracks through the woods on top of a foot of light new snow. It started snowing pretty hard in the afternoon, which made for great riding, but bad driving conditions. The road outside of Northstar was closed for about half an hour and the parking lot shuttles were not running. Finally, around 5:30, the roads opened up and I made my way back to the cabin. The green monster (honda cr-v) did a great job and the trip was uneventful. That night, we went out for dinner at a great restaurant in historic downtown Truckee, called Pacific Crest/Bar of America. They had really good food. The pizza was gourmet.

On Friday, we put Will into his Baby Bjorn and went out for a snowshoe hike around Donner Lake. The snow was deep, the sun was out and we had a beautiful day.

Dave and Krista arrived on Friday evening and we ate dinner in, talked, played with Will and watched some TV. On Saturday, Dave and Krista babysat for Will while Deb and I went to Northstar. It was another great day of snowboarding (for me) and telemarking (for deb). It was snowing pretty hard and it was a lot of fun having a day together on the mountain with Deb. We can’t wait until Will is old enough to ski!

On Saturday night, Dave and Krista took us out to dinner to celebrate my birthday (on feb 15). We went back to Pacific Crest/Bar of America and they treated us to some great food, wine and company. Dave did a great job getting us there and back in really heavy snow. The Audi made it all the way until just before the driveway, where over a foot of snow had already accumulated. We all tried our darndest for about an hour to dig the car out and push it into the driveway in the blizzard, but to no avail. We couldn’t get any traction on the steep uphill. Finally, the caltrans snow plow helped to plow a trail behind the car so that Dave could back down the hill and get some momentum. It still took a bit of digging out after that, but Dave was able to get the car safely into the driveway.

On Sunday, the snow had not let up, but we had to head back to the bay area. We spent a couple hours packing and cleaning up the place. Then, we headed out on the road for a slow trip back home. There were lots of delays on the highway. Traffic was stopped several times. We did have a good audiobook, “Duma Key” by Stephen King, to keep us entertained through the traffic. Will pretty much slept the whole way home, which was very nice.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Tahoe – February 2008