We’ve doing doing a ton of landscaping lately.  We planted about 100 new plants (including Redwood, Dogwood, Sage, Heather, Boxwood, Smoke Bush, Azalea, Camelia, Purple Salvia, Red Salvia, Sky Pencil, Breath of Heaven, and some others whose names I cannot recall) , put in a decomposed granite pathway, added drip irrigation and covered the ground with shredded redwood.  We also got our pool cover installed and the got the pre-plaster permit.  The next step is to come up with a child-safe ground cover for the other side of the yard and put in 2 or 3 play structures for Will.  Then, we’ll finish it off with some accent lighting and perhaps a couple of heat lamps and patio furniture.  At the end of the album, we’ve got a picture of the new grape vine wall art we got on sale this weekend in Auburn.  And of course, a picture of Will on his scooter!