Yesterday, we brought Will home! It was a really exciting feeling to leave the hospital with him. I was very cautious on the drive home. Debby sat in the back seat next to Will and kept him company. When we got home, we put him in his bassinet and then started preparing for feeding and changing. I set up the pack & play w/ changing table and put all the supplies in there. Debby got his clothes and receiving blankets together. We gave him his first feeding at home, changed him and put him to sleep in his “Moses basket”. He looked so happy and cute. Debby and I had a pasta dinner while Will slept next to us. Then, we sorted out a bunch of paperwork from the hospital and filed it while baby slept. For the rest of the night, Debby and I took shifts staying up with Will and feeding/changing him. It was pretty tiring as we got used to his nuances and night wakefulness. From the looks of it, he gets most of his sleep in the daytime. Hopefully we can change that trend. We’ll see. Anyway, it is amazing having him home with us. Dave and Krista are going to be visiting today to meet the little guy. Here are some pics of his first day home:

Will 10/6 2:45 PM

Will 10/6 2:43 PM

Will 10/6 2:46 PMWill 10/6 2:47 PMWill 10/6 2:48 PMWill 10/6 2:49 PM