Yesterday we had a fabulous day. Dave, Krista and Matt came over to visit…. they each took turns holding the little angel and we all admired his supreme cuteness. He’s such a doll! He does sleep/rest during much of the day, and wakes up when we feed him or when he feels inclined. Last night was a wonderful night! We realized that the previous night he was up so much due to several things… the house was not warm enough, and also he was not swaddled tight-enough. So, starting early in the evening we adjusted the temperature of the house and also swaddled him tightly between feedings. This way, we were able to sleep in-between feeding him! (as opposed to the previous night… where we were up the ENTIRE time due to his fussy ways) — Vin takes the first late night feeding shift since he’s the late-night-bird. He feeds Will at midnight t and again at 3:00am. (with sleeping inbetween) — I do the 6:00am and 9:00am feedings with sleeping in-between while Vin sleeps in. So far so good… Baby will is such a good eater. He’s had his whole bottle several times now and is eating like a champ.

Today we’re doing great.. feeling rested and very happy. Stay tuned for more Vin/Deb/Will antics!

Will 10/7 9:30 PM
Will 10/8 4:45 PMWill 10/8 9:10 PMWill 10/9 9:10 PMWill 10/9 9:17 PMWill 10/8 7:41 PMWill 10/8 6:01 PM