Vinay Kumar Chawla was born in Summit, NJ on February 15, 1978 to Basant and Monica Chawla, who immigrated from India in 1970. He grew up in Gillette, NJ and graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC in 2000. His first job was webmaster at, which lasted from 1998 – October, 2000 when the “.com” bubble burst. In October 2000, he took a job as server software engineer at TiVo, Inc. He has been at TiVo ever since and is now a senior software engineer in the Service Delivery Group. In May 2003, he met his beautiful wife, Debby, at a rock climbing competition at Planet Granite in Santa Clara, CA. Debby and Vin were married at the Hanalei Bay Resort on Kauai, HI on April 29, 2006. Before getting married, Vin and Deb adopted a beautiful black lab/aus. shepherd named “Bear”. “Bear” is a very playful and loving dog, who is now 105 lbs. On September 29, 2007, Vin and Deb gave birth to their first son, William Vinay Chawla. At the time of this writing, Will was just brought into the world and is the center of Vin and Deb’s life.